Mine crypto from your phone ? Really ?

Imagine a free mobile app that allow everybody to collect a cryptocurrency directly from a mobile phone ?

Stop dreaming, it’s a reality

That’s what is trying to complete the Pi Core Team, a group of Stanford PhDs, with Pi Network : a free mobile app available on Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (IOS) that allow you to “mine” a cryptocurrency called Pi.

The goal is to make people understand what cryptocurrency really is in an intuitive and fun way without expensive miners by creating a “trusted network” entirely decentralized. All you have to do is click on a button once a day in order to prove that you’re a human. Here is a pros/cons list :

Pros :

  • Lightweight and free app (under 20 MB) available in more than 120 countries
  • free registration
  • Easy one click per day distribution
  • No battery drains
  • The app doesn’t run in background
  • An active community (multiple chats), more than 2 million users
  • FAQ in-app
  • Whitepaper in-app
  • Wallet in-app
  • Nodes (currently under development)
  • Transactions in-app between users (currently under development)
  • Blockchain based on SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) => energy-light
  • Official media links from the page
  • Documentation about the Pi Core Team

Cons :

  • Blockchain isn’t launched (expected in the phase 3 of the project, we are for now in the first phase), that’s why the network is actually simulated and the Pi coins are preminted (so we can’t talk of “mining” but rather of “distribution” right now) and will be added to your wallet when the blockchain will be operational
  • Pi has no value for the moment
  • A small development team (so patience is the keyword)

In my opinion, if you’re looking for “quick and easy money”, then Pi Network isn’t made for you. Else, if it isn’t your case, what about joining the adventure ? I advise you at least to keep an eye on the project : who knows what can happen…

For more informations, here is the official website : https://minepi.com/

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